[Ebook] How To Maximize In-Store Sales With Google Local Inventory Ads

by Shoppingfeed

Local Inventory Ads is enabling every local store to attract nearby shoppers through a virtual local storefront and capture sales that might otherwise have gone to another online e-tailer.

At Shoppingfeed, we want to expose you to other shopping lead opportunities which can help you effortlessly expand the local market for your products. Google Local Inventory Ads is the perfect solutions. 

In this ebook, you will understand how LIA works, and how you can use it to capture sales before your competiters ever gets a chance to lure them away.

We also explain :

  • the multiple benefits and advantages of LIA, 
  • who is eligible to use it,
  • where it’s currently available, 
  • how to get your LIA account set up with Google.
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Taken your business up to $100K/month with a successfull e-commerce strategy.

ebook Google local inventory ads

How To Maximize In-Store Sales With Google Local Inventory Ads

“Shoppingfeed connects and synchronize with your shopping cart platform every 15 minutes, 24/7, ensuring that your product information is always up-to-date, and transmit the data automatically to your LIA account. At any time, you can easily select which products to include in the feed. “

Download our ebook to know more with LIA. You will find : 

  • LIA: a Solution for Both Mobile and Desktop
  • Picture the Possibilities
  • LIA and Regular e-Commerce
  • Additional Feature
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